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Our Story

Leather Corner Post
Est. in the 1860s

Leather Corner Post Hotel, 6855 Horseshoe Road, Orefield PA, was built in 1861, by Jacob George. Shortly before the Civil War, a tannery existed near the hotel, as did a post for the hitching of horses, which explains the name of the village. After George died it was sold to John Bear in 1882. Today it is a restaurant where patrons entertain each other playing the Boom-ba The following owners of the Leather Corner Post over its existence were:

1861     Jacob George

1893     John P. Bear

1895     Sarah and Henry M. Yundt

1898     Walter J. Miller

1924     William E. and Agnes S. Roth

1955     Alexander M. and Goldie Christman

1959     Stephen and Ruth Mazepa

1975     William N. and Wanda Zammer

1988     Don and Nancy Gillard

2002     Daren D. and Ann H. Miller

2007     Albert Anderson

Where does the name come from?

The name of Leather Corner Post originated after a very strange event. The story tells of a leather tannery down the road in which a chase occurred when a thief tossed heavy leather over the fence in order to run faster and escape the angry owners of the tannery. This particular piece of leather happened to land on a post used to tie up stage coach horses right in front of the hotel. Later in 1956 the Leather Corner Post Hotel became a bar/restaurant and it still exists as such today. 

Leather Corner Post old days.jpeg

We Are Open for Private Events

Interested in having a private event? Whether it may be a birthday party, retirement party, holiday party, etc. we have our back room with own private bar.

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